Forget Me Not

As we reflect on the importance of slowing down and relishing in our newfound pace, Forget Me Not is an embodiment of childhood whimsy and cherished, simple moments that capture the refined essence of the Daughter brand as we welcome its timeless self back into fruition. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed to pay homage to the past while transporting you to the present, to capture memories, evoke curiosity and find solace in our shared stillness.

Our slow made collection invites you to re-discover comfort in the now and uncover slivers of unequivocal beauty, fun and childlike adventure in the seemingly simple moments. For these shared, slower encounters, in time, will return to you as keepsakes. An ode to times gone by, the gentle warmth of summer winds and soft ground under little feet, may our pieces interweave into your unique stories and ignite imaginations for generations to come.   

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