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Welcome to Bloom, where the magic of childhood meets the wonders of nature. Our collection is a tribute to blossoming children, with playful shorts that can turn every day into an adventure; and twirly dresses that capture the whimsy of the moment. Bloom invites your child to embrace their unique magic.

Gently crafted in organic fabrics and soft tones, our collection offers diverse looks that resonate with the timeless, feminine, and playful spirit of Daughter. These versatile pieces are designed for both colder and warmer days, allowing your child to effortlessly layer and accessorise, to express their style and creativity in every season.

At Daughter, we believe in more than just clothing. We believe in capturing the essence of childhood and creating memories that last a lifetime. Bloom is an ode to your child's journey of self-discovery and the beautiful moments that shape their world.   

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