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Daughter is and has always been a brand that is committed to producing beautiful, long lasting clothing in timeless styles with a commitment to sustainable and eco friendly manufacturing processes.

We have been working with our Indonesian manufacturer since the inception of this brand and since expanded into India and Spain with ethical practices being the utmost focus of our brand. Our factory “family” in Bali, Indonesia are at the core of our business ethics as we ensure to provide a fun, ethical and dynamic work environment. We personally visit our Bali factory 2-3 times per year to meet with our team and witness the working conditions of the staff.

Our manufacturer has a current certificate from Department of Social Welfare and Labor in Denpasar

Our manufacturer pays above award salaries to our employees monthly exceeding the government regulations including paying sick leave, annual leave and pension to all of the employees.  Our manufacturer does not have any underage employees. Furthermore, prayer and rest rooms are provided and the factory is cleaned throughout the day with fans throughout and western standard toilets. Fresh fruit morning teas and team exercise breaks are provided to get the staff up and moving throughout the day.
Our manufacturers are accredited from the Environment Agency in Denpasar, Bali for compliance to environmental standards and our licensed garment manufacturer exceeds all government requirements.

Every garment manufactured is handmade by our factory family.

To us, ethical production also means understanding, compassion and patience. Balinese and broader Indonesian tradition, ceremony and culture is embraced and nurtured in our workplace. Our fabric in Bali is sourced from local fabric houses and is always 100% cotton or linen content. 

Our Indian garments are organic and Oeko-Tex certified.

In India we manufacture our own fabrics and oversee the process from start to finish. Our garments are packaged in biodegradable cornstarch garment bags and all of our tape and boxes are recycled and eco friendly. Our garment tags are made from natural materials also.

We pride ourselves on our slow approach to fashion. We encourage our customers to make mindful purchases and hand down garments to siblings and friends once they have been outgrown. We are always striving to do better and updating our practices to ensure the highest possible standard. 

Please reach out if you would like any further information about our pieces, practices or our commitment to sustainability.