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Writer, Jess Urlichs with daughters Holly and Heidi

Meet Jessica Urlichs, a poet, author, and devoted mother of three residing in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Through her heartfelt words and candid insights, Jessica provides a glimpse not only into her own experiences of motherhood, creativity, and self-discovery but also acknowledges the shared, and often unspoken, experiences of her enormous community of readers.

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Jess, what inspired you to become the writer you are today?

Jessica: Giving birth and going through postpartum is completely transformational, I had a lot of thoughts I needed to organise and at times I felt really lonely...because I didn't know many of the feelings I was experiencing were normal. Like the complete shift from maiden to mother and how radical that is.

I had two a year apart and as you can imagine, it was quite the juggle, so when my second baby was 6 months I put a pen to paper again and began sharing my work on Instagram. Inspiration doesn't always strike, but living your life in the everyday magic and mundane is all the inspiration you need to write down something true.

What impact do you hope to make through your work?

Jessica: A sense of feeling seen and gently held. I think many of us lack a really hands on village these days and a lot of us mums seek solidarity online, especially in those little hours of the morning when we are stuck in the nursing chair. I think having your feelings validated is incredibly powerful, and I think it encourages others to be vulnerable too, it's such a great way to work through your feelings and remind yourself that just because you may find some days hard, or not enjoy every minute, it doesn't mean you don't enjoy them, and it doesn't mean you're not an amazing mum.

Your book Beautiful Chaos was recently named a Sunday Times bestseller in the UK, how did you feel when you received the news?

Jessica: I never thought that would happen, I didn't even consider it! So when I got the email from my publishers in the morning I was in disbelief!


It can be difficult to juggle caring for your family and looking after yourself. How do you prioritise self-care and wellness as a mum of three?

Jessica: To be honest I still could be better, I should probably meal prep and not snack on crusts and drink so much coffee! But some days I still feel very much in the thick of it and finding that balance is challenging... Seeing a friend, going for a coffee alone, writing, or even blasting some of my favourite tunes on a solo drive can sometimes be enough to fill my cup! 

What are some of the values that you hope to instil in your two daughters as they grow?

Jessica: Being kind to yourself, believing in yourself, using your voice for what is right, accepting and appreciating your body, and knowing that they can run to me when they make a mistake and not away. I think many of us know what it's like growing up as a woman and feeling disempowered and none of us want that for our girls, and of course not our boys either.

Poet, Jessica Urlichs with her two daughters

We love finding new ideas to turn simple moments into special memories. Can you tell us about a household tradition that is particularly meaningful to you and your children?

Jessica: Over the last few months we have introduced movie nights on Fridays, we get pizza and set up the lounge for the kids with bean bags, sometimes we do a fort (if I can be bothered going to those lengths) but it's become a nice end to the week and something we all look forward to. I also sit and watch the movie with them (if they choose a classic Disney number).

Do you have any advice for mothers navigating similar stages of raising young children?

Jessica: To give yourself grace! Remember social media is also a highlight reel, we're all winging it with the best intentions, and we're all a little messy.

To wrap up, do you have any exciting projects coming up that you'd like to share?

Jessica: I have a hardback gift book out in July called 'To My Love', it's a love letter to parenthood for your partner when you are in the trenches, I am very excited to share this one. I also have some songs that I have co written, which will be out in the coming months!

To find out more about Jess, you can visit her website, or you can follow her on Instagram.

Heidi wears the Briar Dress in White

Holly wears the Sunday Dress in Caramel Check

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