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Remarkable Women: Emma Baxter - Balancing Family, Farm, and Law

Meet Emma Baxter, a family lawyer, hobby farmer, and devoted mother of five residing in the hinterlands of Byron Bay, on the east coast of Australia.

With her husband, Andrew, and their children, Emma balances the demanding worlds of legal practice and farm life, all while nurturing a close-knit family on their 14-acre property. Through her work and her lifestyle, Emma embodies resilience, dedication, and an inspiring connection to nature.

In this edition of Remarkable Women, we delve into Emma's lifestyle, her insights on motherhood, and her unique approach to balancing multiple roles with grace and compassion.



Can you share a bit about the experience of raising children on a farm? What do typical days at home look like for you and your children?

Emma: I grew up outdoors and I had always hoped that my children would also have the opportunity to enjoy nature, wildlife, and the freedom that land brings. We have 14 acres on our farm and my dad has taught the children lots of bush skills like identifying which native plants and berries they can eat and which are poisonous. And also which reptiles and animals to be cautious of. They all respect a fire and are able to cook a meal whether it be breakfast of bacon and eggs or damper for afternoon tea. I also wanted my children to grow up with a love for animals. My parents used to read me a book called ‘Emma Jane’s Zoo’ when I was little and I always said I would grow up to own a zoo, which I have now made a reality.

We have three horses, 30 chickens, 2 dogs, 2 cats, birds, rabbits, and what we thought was a miniature pig.

Our children also have an appreciation and understanding of where their food comes from and are learning to accept the circle of life.

Queenie (left) wears the Sunday Dress, Forget Me Not print
Elsie (right) wears the Field Dress, Forget Me Not print 


I know you are a “fashion lover”, do any of your children share in this passion? How do you encourage your daughters to explore their unique style?

Emma: I do love fashion and the way that it allows me to express myself. My mother and her mother, my grandmother, have always been very stylish with my mum making a lot of her own dresses, so I have had wonderful role models in this space. They have taught me quality over quantity, so I have learnt to invest in special pieces that I can wear forever. My daughters and son have all developed their own sense of style and they are all very different, which I encourage. My eldest Charlotte, who is 9, prefers to dress in a practical way so she is comfortable but looks nice. My son Jack, who is 8, loves to wear a jacket and pocket square when we go out for dinner. Bella, who is 5, enjoys wearing beautiful dresses for dinners but is just as comfortable in bike pants, while Queenie, 4, and Elsie, 2, are still in their ‘princess phase’.

I can imagine work as a lawyer must be quite stressful at times. Do you find it difficult to shift between your life at home and your life at work? How do you find the balance?


Being a lawyer in the Family Law space can be very stressful at times but also rewarding when you are able to gently guide clients through an extremely emotional time in their life.

In relation to the balance, I think I am still perfecting the balance between work, family, and farm life! I find that sitting down on a Sunday night and reviewing the week ahead helps me to be able to utilise each day effectively and schedule in the children’s extra-curricular activities and work around that. I also have a very supportive husband, parents, and sister who help with the children and the farm when there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day! At the start of the year, we also had two wonderful girls start with us to help me with the children (and lunch boxes) when I need to be in two places at once. I think a great support network is hugely valuable at this stage in my life. At the moment, each day looks different and I have learned to go with the flow and pivot quickly when plans change if the kids get sick, etc.

Where do you feel most connected with nature? Describe your perfect scene.

Emma: My favourite time on the farm and where I feel most connected to nature is in the afternoon when the sun is setting and the day is cooling down. We might be walking around the farm with the dogs and cats following us or we might be at the playground, and all you can hear are the birds singing, as if we are in our own private aviary.

Can you tell us about a moment when you felt most proud of yourself in the role of a mother?

Emma: I think it is hard to pinpoint one moment having five children and every birth was very special, but

I think I feel most proud when I am able to gently encourage and support my kids through something that they feel they cannot achieve.

What challenges have you faced as a mother, and what valuable lessons have they taught you?

Emma: I think the biggest challenge as a mother for me has been going through any health issues that the children have faced. You have such little control but have to remain strong to support them and assure them that everything will be okay.

Queenie (left) wears the Honey Blouse and Fleur Skirt, olive gingham
Bella (right) wears the Honey Blouse and Fleur Skirt, pink polka


What core values do you hope to instil in your daughters as they grow?

Emma: First and foremost, I try to instil the importance of kindness in my children. I also teach them to value family and each other and to have confidence in themselves. I also show them the importance of being gentle on the environment through processes on the farm.

We love to hear about family traditions (both big and small) that are particularly meaningful to you and your children. Can you share one or two that come to mind?

Emma: We have a few family traditions such as camping and travelling overseas together, and wearing the same pyjamas on Christmas and Easter, but I think my favourite tradition is the night before one of the kids' birthdays. All the other siblings work together to blow up balloons, bake a cake, wrap presents, write cards, and lay out the gifts while the birthday girl/boy waits in their room. They all put so much time and effort and take so much pride in making sure every detail is perfect to celebrate their sibling's special day.

Finally, do you have any advice for mothers navigating the different stages of raising daughters?

Emma: I have loved every stage of raising my children so far and appreciate Charlotte, my eldest, for helping me to navigate motherhood.

My advice would be to trust your instincts and spend as much time with your children as you can. The days are long but the years are short.


Emma's journey as a dedicated mother, resilient professional, and nurturing family member is nothing short of inspiring. Her ability to balance a demanding career with the joys and challenges of raising five children on a farm is a testament to her resourcefulness and compassion.

Through Emma's words, we are reminded of the strength, love, and dedication that define motherhood in its many forms. These traits, combined with her appreciation and care for the environment, are exemplary of a truly remarkable woman.

You can find Emma on Instagram @the.simple.motherhood


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Queenie wears the Sunday Dress, Forget Me Not print
Elsie wears the Field Dress, Forget Me Not print 

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Queenie wears the Honey Blouse and Fleur Skirt, olive gingham
Bella wears the Honey Blouse and Fleur Skirt, pink polka

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